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After School Program

After School Program

Mon., Tues, Wed. Thurs. 
3:00pm -5:00pm

After School Program: Overview

The After School Tutoring program provides students direct instruction in reading, math, written language and related skills to address their specific learning needs. Diagnostic and informal assessments may be used to determine a students specific learning deficits and areas of need. 

Students who have significant learning gaps are provided specially designed instruction. Students who are in need of assistance with homework, or need help mastering concepts presented in their current grade level placement will be provided direct instruction using teacher selected materials, hands on learning activities and supplemental materials to address their learning needs. 

Students may work in small groups with 2-4 students who have similar learning and instructional needs. 

Costs: $20.00 per hour

A Successful Student at Bridges to Learning Tutoring Center


Students who have learning deficits in reading and math benefit from direct instruction tailored to their specific learning needs. Outcomes are best when student participation is consistent and they attend regularly for tutoring sessions. 


Please contact Ms. Jacky Egli for more information at, or call/text at (407) 463-5943

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